OptYcon Consulting Services

OptYcon delivers telecom- and TEM/MMS-vendor independent consulting and project management services for mobile, fixed, wide-area-Networks (WAN) and cloud services for local, regional and international customers across EMEA.

We define pragmatic and goal-oriented solutions for our customers through a standardise 360° Approach.

Our key-competency  is the management and optimizations of our clients telecommunications and cloud spend. Our Services include audit, optimization, benchmarking, Mobile RFP, procure-to-pay process optimization, mobility management and mobile device management implementations as well as general project and program management Services in the IT space.


  • Fixed and Mobile RfI and RfP
  • Managed Mobility Services
  • Telecom Expense Management
  • Mobile Optimizations
  • Fixed and Mobile Benchmarking
  • Fixed and Mobile Audits
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Mobile Carrier Migrations
  • Procure to Pay Process
  • Project Management

OptYcon's solutions reflect our customers tactical and strategic goals and are realized through close collaboration with customers and suppliers coupled with our key competencies in the areas of baseline preparation, analytics, roadmap development and our extensive experience in international transformation projects:

The consolidation of contracts, tariffs, invoices, CDRs as well as associated processes and the structured normalization of the collected data represent the foundation for a following detailed Analysis of the collected data.

Outcomes from our analytics will be summarized and outlined in structured presentations and roadmaps. In conjunction with our customers we develop tactical and strategic measures as well as required contract-, usage-, system- and process-adjustments. Identified measure will be visualized through detailed work packages and Project plans.

The OptYcon 360° Approach analyses contracts, cost development and usage behaviour and evaluates our customers processes from procurement to reporting and optimization based on standardized maturity models.

We Support our customers through a comprehensive transformation approach and jointly implement previously defined work packages and optimization potentials, prepare required RFPs and acompany customers through necessary system- and process-enhancements and transitions.